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The Woodhouse Studios have been around for more than 45 years. The owner is producer Siggi Bemm

It's not just the versatility (rock, pop, classical, jazz, etc.) and the mix of legendary analogue equipment and state-of-the-art digital technology that has made the studio a legend in the music scene. Many of the productions created at Woodhouse have been awarded gold, platinum, e.g. The Woodhouse studio is a global trademark that guarantees quality and top productions. In the independent music scene it is a top address for metal and gothic sounds and in the commercial rock / pop sector it is undeniably one of the top studios in Germany and Europe. Groundbreaking and genre-bending albums have been produced, recorded, mixed and mastered at Woodhouse Studio e.g. The Gathering, Caliban, Phantoms of Future, The Kovenant, Therion, Farmer Boys, Joachim Witt, Tiamat, Peter Maffay, Philip Boa, Kyyria, Without Wax, Tell your Mother, Letzte Instanz, Angel Dust, Suite Yourself, Days’n Grief, 7 Witches, Nme.Mine, The Seer, Moonspell, Samael, Delirium, Dogma, Jan Kazda, T.A.S.S., Pyogenesis, Grobschnitt, Extrabreit, Tabaluga, Lake, Zoff, Eddy Kante, Randy Brecker, Larry Coryell, Billy Bang, Kreator, Udo Lindenberg, Jacobs Fall , Lydie Auvray, Yeti Girls, Bloodflowerz, Grip Inc., Toynbee Hall, Theatre of Tragedy, Soulblinde, Indigo Streichquart  ett, Little River Band, Alastis, Mercury Tide, etc., etc., etc.