We are the right contact for professional music productions and music projects of all kinds, e.g.:

  • Digital Recording
  • Mix in Stereo and 5.1 Surround
  • Mastering / Stereo
  • Pre Mastering / 5.1 Surround
  • Digital Post-processing
  • Complete DVD Productions in Stereo and 5.1. Surround also in
        Collaboration with Live Recording, Film and Video companies
  • Sounddesign and Soundconsulting
  • Producing for Rock, Metal, Hard Core, Punk, Gothic, Rock Pop, Reggae, Ethno,  World, Club, Jazz, Klassik, e.g.
    For Sound Engineering:
  • Audio Technical Advice
  • Individual further training for sound engineers with certificates in individual lessons and
        with group seminars (e.g. drum miking, recording for
        acoustic and classical instruments, training sessions for Nuendo, Cubase, e.g.)
  • Advice on building a recording studio + equipment compilation
  • Consulting for acoustic construction

    For music management:
  • Band advice
  • Band coaching (from music production to consulting)
  • Project development
  • Advice, planning, implementation and mediation of music and DVD –productions

    Imparting of business partners:

    Producers, sound engineers, musicians, labels, publishers, sales, promotion + booking agencies, managers, graphic designers, photographers, e.g