Siggi bemm



Siggi Bemm is a German music producer, sound engineer, sound designer, composer, arranger and musician. It is a fact that he became a cult figure in the international producer scene and in the insider and underground scene he is a brandname because of his extraordinary talent and versatility.

Robert Kampf / Century Media once put it this way:
*“Siggi Bemm is the most extra-odinary producer — the superlative of the German production scene.“*

Productions that were created under the direction of Siggi Bemm in the Woodhouse Studio in Hagen have achieved national and international success. The “Woodhouse Studios” have become a global trademark that guarantees the highest quality.
His productions have been nominated several times in Europe and have been awarded gold and platinum awards.
In addition, the studio owner and producer Siggi Bemm was nominated for the Viva Award “Producer of the Year” and the productions with The Kovenant received the “Norwegian Grammy” twice in a row for best rock production with Nexus Polaris and The Animatronic.

In the independent scene, Siggi Bemm is considered the eminence of metal and gothic sound; in the commercial classic rock sector, he is undisputedly one of Germany's top producers. This is proven by the many productions of the last few years from Phillip Boa, Tiamat, Morgoth, Kreator, Caliban to P. Maffay, J. Witt, to U. Lindenberg, etc.

There are certainly only a handful of producers in the world who work as successfully across genres and as diversely as Siggi Bemm.
Statements from musicians, such as Phillip Boa: *“My most successful records have been produced at Woodhouse Studios”*, confirm this. Siggi Bemm is always on the trail of new trends! He is a prominent trendsetter who still enjoys working with innovative young bands and artists from the underground. This is particularly noticeable when he works with established artists, because he uses new, fresh and innovative sounds like no other in his genre.