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 Interview with Siggi Bemm in Recording Magazine

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Interview with Siggi Bemm in Studio Magazine

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Interview Studiomagazin


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Take a 70s stadium rock n' roll tape and play it through a trashy 90s pop-punk stereo system and then listen to it digitally remastered on the highway today!

An explosive mixture of razor-sharp rock n' roll riffs with earthy drive and catchy, polyphonic hooks that ignite immediately upon hearing contact. The trio Torpedohead makes the idea of The Clash jamming with the New York Dolls on songs by the Kinks and Cheap Trick while Nirvana rehearse in the basement become reality and transforms this into an independent, modern rock sound.

Torpedohead first took the stage in 2008 and have been playing in Germany and other European countries since then and have supported international rock acts such as Prima Donna, Peter Pan Speedrock, Dan Baird, New York Dolls, The Adicts and others.

The debut album “Lovesick Avenue” was released in 2009 and was very well received by the international press.

In 2010 the collaboration with producer Siggi Bemm (Kreator, Lacuna Coil) begins. The result, the EP “Lets go for a Ride”
and this time fans and press are screaming for more.

2012 the new album “Greetings from Heartbreak Key” will be released worldwide on October 26th, 2012 as a download version.

Press Reviews:

“Sleaze Rock returns with Torpedohead”
( NIKKI SIXX’S „RANDOM $#!%“ / www.sixxsense )

„It’s like a party tape for people who plan on burning the house down as soon as the party is over!“
(Classic Rock Magazine / UK)

„These five tracks feel like the first side of a classic vinyl album“
(Powerplay Magazine / UK)

„Like a cross between Enuff Z’Nuff and The Dogs D’amour…unpretentious and straight from the gut“
www.sleazeroxx.com / Canada)

“Torpedohead: un nome da segnare sul taccuino!“
(www.roxxzone.com / Italy )

“Arranged powerfully, crispy and catchy!”
(RockHard Magazin / Germany)

“Torpedohead have the necessary knack for melodies as well as the attitude,
to assert themself internationally!”
(OX-Fanzine / Germany)



The quintet is currently in the studio preparing their next album. The boss behind the controls is Siggi Bemm, known in the industry as the “Marilyn Manson of producers.”


“Jazz Zeitung: 25 years of Woodhouse Studios. Time to take stock. What is this balance? Siggi Bemm: Very interesting. I met very different people through children's songs, death metal and free jazz. What more do you want?"

Die Woodhouse Studios in Hagen sind seit 25 Jahren ein Begriff für solide und


“Siggi Bemm jr. in Swiss Charts”

Siggi Bemm jr. in Swiss Charts


“Spellbound Dazzle Last August, the guys from the mountain region around Cortina d’Ampezzo stayed with producer legend Siggi Bemm (Tiamat, Kreator, Lacuna Coil, ...) at Woodhouse Studios in Hagen to polish the pre-production into a first-class diamond. There is no suitable category for the album, SPELLBOUND DAZZLE combine modern metal groove with classic hard rock, mix progressive structures and garnish the whole thing with danceable folk and polka rhythms. As soon as you hear it for the first time, you'll be blown away by the multi-layered sound. For Siggi Bemm, “Unreal Fairy Tales” is simply “the best album of the last 10 years”. If you don't believe that, it's best to listen to MySpace! “Unreal Fairy Tales” fully lives up to its title! Wait and see!”

Metal Impressions


“Peter Maffay has done it: he has managed to combine the symbiosis of lyrics and songs with modern, ingeniously arranged material – known as “Back to the roots”. Sound engineer Siggi Bemm, who has previously appeared more in the heavy rock area such as with Kreator, played a large part in the fresh sound.”


“ Woodhouse celebrates Dan Diamond and Siggi Bemm. It's done: Dan Diamond has managed to make the first successful live mix in Dolby Surround format, broadcast via satellite to 6 cinemas nationwide, sound MEGA - AWESOME**. ”


“The first record “Countrified” was released in 1995 and was backed by a major distributor, BMG Ariola, who gave Farmers the chance to work with Siggi Bemm. In order to do justice to their name, all lyrics are from the perspective of farm animals written, with of course George Orwell's “Animal Farm” and a book called “Dr. Rat” (yes, metalheads can read too) are the basics of some of the texts. Humor is also one of the band's driving forces. The recipe for pork pie is sung about on “Call Me A Hog”. What stands out is “Never Let Me Down Again”, a cover version by Depeche Mode that illustrates Dennis and Matze’s preference for the sound of the 80s. Anneke von Giersbergen (The Gathering) takes over the guest vocals on the song…………In 1999 the band switches to Motor Music and begins recording “The World Is Ours” in Malta. Producer Steve Lion is finaly replaced by Siggi Bemm.”

Farmer Boys

“Siggi Bemm Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer”


“Sony Music: “X” was produced by MAFFAY with his proven team Carl Carlton and Bertram Engel. The multiple award winner and sound engineer Siggi Bemm, who has made a name for himself through numerous work in the heavy rock sector such as with Kreator and Grip Inc., was at the controls in Dublin and later at the mix in the Woodhouse Studio in Hagen. His efforts at “X” also paid off. It is thanks to his innovative potential that both the fast rock numbers and the catchy, melodic songs on the album sound powerful and rich in contrast. Siggi Bemm even went so far as to alienate MAFFAY's voice in “Freier Fall”. A novelty. ”

Sony Music